Eye Clinic

We specialise in the diagnosis of visual disturbances caused by damage to the nervous system, such as strokes, tumours of the visual cortex, and other neuro-ophthalmological disorders as well as multiple sclerosis. The equipment used includes apart from standard ophthalmological instruments such as kerato-refractometer, slit lamp and tests of refraction and acuity the complete spectrum of human electrophysiology (Electro-retinogram (ERG), pattern-ERG, local or foveal ERG, steady-state ERG, oscillatory potentials, Electro-oculogram (EOG), transient visual evoked potentials (VEP), steady-state VEP, acuity VEP) as well as tests of colour-, motion-, and stereoscopic depth perception. Visual fields can be measured both manually and automatically, with both static and kinetic stimuli. Eye position is measured by means of a video-system or else by high speed CCD devices or by high resolution magnetic coils. Pupillography is done in collaboration with Prof. Barbur, London.